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The Golden Age of

A Historical Treasure of Vintage Ultralight Aviation

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     Presenting a historical documentation of the "vintage" years of ultralight aviation. This film and these images represent some of the "best of the best" aircraft designed to fit into the category of emerging sport of Ultralights. As a filmmaker and pilot, I became so enthralled with this sport that simply filming the action wasn't enough, so I had to get in on it.

     The wonderful array of Ultralights shown in this film absolutely promised the experience I was seeking. I dove headlong in to it and was not disappointed. The action in this film represents "Dealer Showtime" at the very popular Sun-N-Fun Fly In each spring in Lakeland Florida. The flying, in some cases is extreme, as the manufacturers of the wide variety and differing models of the Ultralight Aircraft movement, put them through their paces for the aviation press, potential buyers and dealer investors, kinda like the "Paris Air Show" for Ultralights.

     Some of these Ultralights are one-of-a-kind and the flying is daring and exciting. Most all of the pilots were experienced professionals and although it looks to be a free for all, it was very well controlled and safe.

     Now sit back and enjoy these Golden Years as we watch plenty of flying action and talk a little about each one.

                                                                  The Ultralights represented in this film are:

The Pterodactyl Ascender, The Buccaneer, The Cobra, The CGS Hawk, The Challenger, The Chinook WT-11, The Eagle, The Easy Riser, The Eipper Quicksilver, The Eipper GT, The Quicksilver MX II, The Falcon, The Fisher FP 202, The Fisher FP 303, The Pioneer FlightStar, The Goldwing, The Greenwood Witch, The Hiperlight, The Invader, The J-3 Kitten, The Jenny, The The Kasperwing 1-80 A, B, & C, The Kolb Flyer & Ultrastar, The Lazair, The Maxair Hummer & Drifter, The Minibat, The Mirage, The Mitchell Wing B-10, the Superwing U-2, The P-38 Lightning, and the Mitchell A-10, The Nomad, The Aerotique Parasol, The Phantom, The Rans Coyote, The Rotex Rally, The Rotex Panther, The Beaver, The Spitfire, The Sky Pup, The Stallion, The Sirocco, The Star Flight, The Sun Ray, The Teratorn, The Thor Air, The Ultra Aire, The Vectors, The Weedhopper, The Tomcat, The Wren, The Wizard L-3B, The XTC, The Zenair Zipper, The Hudson Thing, and more. 

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